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Hutch Pro Racer Serial Number __FULL__

Hutch began as a mail-order company in 1979 in Pasadena Maryland by Richard Hutchins. It quickly became one of the premier east coast BMX dealers. In the early days, manufacturing was outsourced to companies such as Profile Racing, Thruster, MCS, and VDC. In 1981, the Hutch Pro Racer burst on the scene and was billed as 'The most beautiful bike in the world' - with its show-chrome finish and black parts. To make dialing in your classic Hutch BMX to catalogue correct perfection a little bit easier, we've recreated a bunch of old school, mid school and new school Hutch BMX Catalogues. Pages include original specs, parts list, serial number info and photos of catalogue perfect bikes.

Hutch Pro Racer Serial Number


Identifying Mongoose serial numbers on the early BMX Products Inc frames is actually quite easy and intuitive. For the most part the early Mongoose frames from 1975 and into early 1976 were a hand stamped 5 digit number starting from 10000. For example, a frame from 1975 will have the numbers like 11994.

In early 1976, the letter C was added to denote CROMO. During the early production of the Mongoose frames they were made using 1010 steel tubing. problems with the heat from welding and breakage at the weld points, forced a change to Chrome Moly tubing. Both frames looked the same but needed some way to determine the difference due to the frames being nickel plated or powder coated paint as it was impossible to tell the difference in the material for warranty reasons. The letter C was used for chrome moly, so the serial numbers would look like C17834.

In May 1976 the serial number process changed again with the addition of a month code. From here frames were stamped with the letter C for Cromo, a letter for the month, and a number for the year of production. It was around Feb/March 77 that the extra single gusset was dropped from the frame. Of course these are general guidelines in identifying Mongoose frames and there are the anomalies to this process of serial number identification. The serial numbers were hand stamped on the bottom bracket tubes, then packed in (empty beer) boxes waiting to be welded to frame tubes.

Serial numbers that ran from May 1976 through to March 1981 will have three digits in sequence overtop the serial number of that frame. This guideline also applies to Team Mongoose, Supergoose, Jag, Blue Max, Roger DeCoster, Super-X, and Moto-Trac frames.

The pictures will come especially handy if you have to hand them over to the police if your bike gets stolen. Chances are that you will also find a sticker next to the serial number. These stickers are proof of warranties that are put there by the manufacturers, if there is a need for replacement or repairs, the stickers will be the verification you need.

You should know that the bike make and model are very important and the manufacturers consider them first, the reason is that sometimes, some models get discontinued thus it becomes very difficult to gather information about them. Bike serial numbers are also very important, nowadays you see that many people are using fake/counterfeit so authentic serial numbers help manufacturers track their bikes.

# 03389 (1977 or 78 Stormer. The serial number is also date stamped with 10-03-77. Being made late in the year it could be a early 78 model. Unclear at this time. Has double gussets and the curved brake bridge.)


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