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Learn How to Use TRAKTOR 2 SCRATCH PRO with Timecode Vinyl and CDs - Free Tutorial

the native instruments traktor kontrol s4 is a compact dj controller that packs a lot of punch in its design. the s4s on the other hand, like its bigger brother, the kontrol s4, is a bit bigger and larger. but its size and weight do not mean that it is not an amazing controller and one that can be used on stage or in the studio. the traktor kontrol s4 has a good price point as well at only $299, in comparison to the $399 price tag of the vci-100.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR 2 SCRATCH PRO x86 x64 LATEST patched free download

native instruments has announced the release of traktor pro 2.5, the latest installment in their flagship daw. developed in conjunction with steinberg, the patching-friendly traktor pro 2.5 features four main new features:

the release of traktor pro 2.5 brings with it a few new features, including midi-centric integration and a link to download the traktor kontrol s4 four-deck controller. as a result of that partnership, traktor pro users will receive a free copy of traktor kontrol s4 in their box. the traktor kontrol s4 is a standalone four-deck controller that features traktor pro 2.5, traktor 2.4, traktor 2.3, and traktor 2.2 patching. the controller includes 14 individually assignable buttons, a 2-channel/dual 1/4 usb audio interface, and 1/4 and 3.5mm inputs.

traktor kontrol s4 comes in a special djtt box with a leather carrying strap, as well as an instruction manual and a cd with the traktor pro 2.5 software. djtt also provides an 80-page full-color reference guide in the box, as well as a free copy of traktor kontrol s4.

native instruments has delivered on its promise to create an all-in-one 4-deck traktor pro system with admirable software/hardware integration, a nod to the burgeoning controllerist community, and a soundcard thats actually worth using. by not trying to be all things to all djs, theyve designed a system that may not be exactly what you want, but is closer to it than anything else this year.


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