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SL Dirty Deeds

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SL Dirty Deeds

The new dirty deeds looks better as his finisher and looks devastating when sold correctly. Dean has never used the headlock driver again and its better off being used outside WWE or as a signature move. Other WWE Superstars might perform the move again, however, it is still abandoned by the Lunatic Fringe.

Vexed, Kaen decided to kill Yul and get rid of his body so that he doesn't spill the beans about their dirty deeds. Just as he was about to draw his sword, Yeon-woo appeared and cut off his right arm. He then snapped his spine, crippling him and then proceeded to cripple the remaining three allies of Kaen. Later, Bild, the leader of Arangdan, returned to Section B's safe zone where he found Kaen and his companions, crippled.

There is something exciting in adventure that appeals to men and that quite often brings out the best in men and incites them to do great deeds. Courage and determination, selflessness and fortitude are virtues that are part of the spirit of adventure, but they are virtues only when they are combined with the greatest of virtues, with loving-kindness. 59ce067264


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