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Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair Deluxe Torrent

The time passed away in work and song, in talk and ramble, in friendly fightand brotherly aid. I would not forge for myself armour of heavy mail liketheirs, for I was not so powerful as they, and depended more for any success Imight secure, upon nimbleness of motion, certainty of eye, and ready responseof hand. Therefore I began to make for myself a shirt of steel plates andrings; which work, while more troublesome, was better suited to me than theheavier labour. Much assistance did the brothers give me, even after, by theirinstructions, I was able to make some progress alone. Their work was in amoment abandoned, to render any required aid to mine. As the old woman hadpromised, I tried to repay them with song; and many were the tears they bothshed over my ballads and dirges. The songs they liked best to hear were twowhich I made for them. They were not half so good as many others I knew,especially some I had learned from the wise woman in the cottage; but whatcomes nearest to our needs we like the best.

Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair Deluxe Torrent


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