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[S6E14] Private Lives BETTER

Private Lives is a 6th season episode of House which first aired on March 8, 2010. A blogger comes to the hospital with severe bruising and bleeding, but her insistence of sharing the details of the case and the secrets of her treating physicians on her blog inundates the team with unsolicited advice. Meanwhile, House and Wilson try to remedy the holes in their respective romantic lives by trying speed dating. Chase also decides to enter the dating scene again and is startled to realize the fact that women date him for his looks. He reveals these revelations to Thirteen, whom he discovers is different from the other shallow women he has dated. He shares his thoughts with her on his recent break-up with Cameron. Meanwhile, House and Wilson pry into each other's personal lives in search of embarrassing secrets of each other's pasts.

[S6E14] Private Lives

Frankie is up late at night working on her blog when her boyfriend asks her to come to bed. He's upset that she's blogging about their personal lives. A neighbor comes by to complain about the noise but he and the boyfriend both notice that Frankie's eyes are all bruised and that she is bleeding from her mouth, so the neighbor calls the police.

The title refers to what the characters and the patient and her husband don't have in this episode, as she blogs about their whole life, as well as their whole medical treatment. It also refers to House finding out something secret about Wilson's past, and Wilson in turn searching for something private about House.

Ella Savchuk Yeah. So we sold our home in May of 2021 and then we kind of hopped houses just living in different rentals and friends' homes because it was really hard to find a short-term rental. As we all know, real estate is crazy right now. And so we came to Greenville in August and couldn't find what we were hoping for, and so we decided to buy land and build something that my husband and I said that we would never do in our lives. But we just did. We just moved into our new home three nights ago.

Ella Savchuk They're like, "We can't read that because that's a school book. So we're going to go over here and read all these other books." But I was like, "Whatever." So they read a lot. They played outside a lot. My sister that lives here, she was pregnant and about to have a baby and had these baby shower things that she was planning for. So my second child wood burned all these baby blocks for her because that was a skill he had that we did for handicrafts.

Nonsense aside, the Christopher visit is fine. Rory is hesitant to show him her apartment since she hasn't had a chance to tell Lorelai about the change of address yet, but Christopher thankfully doesn't give a shit. There is some initial awkwardness over the incident at the vow renewal, but all of that melts away once Christopher realizes how "cool" Logan is, what with his Xbox 360, plasma TV, and bad boy private school antics. Christopher is an adult in the same way that Bagel Bites are pizza.

Downstairs, Willow and Tara chat, both nervous and unsure about how to behave. The conversation dies off and Tara breaks away to the kitchen for a much-needed drink. Having head about the party from Willow, Spike shows up, surprising Buffy. With him, he brings beer and another demon, Clem from kitten poker. At that moment, Xander introduces his friend from work, Richard. Buffy goes to show Richard where he can park his car while Spike watches on with jealousy. Dawn is anxious for presents to be opened, but Xander and Anya are more concerned with Buffy's progress with Richard, and Anya treats Dawn like an uninformed child. Spike catches Buffy alone and tries to lure her away for some private celebrating, but Buffy say she's not interested and ignores Spike's jealous jabs at Richard.

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