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Download Rtre Zip

Please provide the template file on your LX40 gateway. You can refer to page 18 in AirLink LX40 Series Software Configuration Guide for how to download your device template.You can get it here AirLink LX40 Series Software Configuration Guide

Download rtre zip

The included log file appears to be only a section of the original log file. Typically, an ALEOS log is 1 Mbyte. Please re-download the log files on your 2 LX40 gateways (Telia and Tre) and attach them here. Please provide more device LX40 (Tre operator) template.

When downloaded the hebrew shx files as I did in previous versions, when I try to write in hebrew the font is automatically changed to Arial and the changes made are reverted. I cannot seem to disable this override. Can anyone please help? 041b061a72


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