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Microsoft Dynamics CRM What The Heck Is An Update Rollup

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1) Always ask yourself. If I extend or I get a developer to extend my product how does that align with what the Out of the Box Development team is releasing. They are writing code daily as well., but MANY extensions are 100% supported with all rollup updates and upgrades being easy to install, but some are not and we know how creative developers can be. Make sure your developers think xRM.

I am not able to reproduce this, so I am not sure what is causing it. I would suspect an account is not set up correctly somewhere, either on the item setup, the vendor setup, or the Posting Accounts setup. If you have checked all of those and they are all correct, then perhaps something else is causing the problem. Do you have any customizations or 3rd party products installed I would recommend posting your question to the Dynamics GP Community forum, as you have a better chance of finding someone that has run into a similar issue there.

We have a custom solution that integrates with a Dynamics installation. I need to create a purchase order receipt from existing purchase orders, which we can do without a problem. However, we also need to tell dynamics that the item was actually received. This is where the issues arise. We want to do this from our back end custom integration. I tried to update the PO with eConnect from our custom application but I get an error that says I cannot change POLNESTA to received (4) because the item has not been received. Is it possible to receive this item behind the scenes, using our custom app with eConnect integration

I have accomplished what I was attempting entirely with eConnect. I needed to pass to eConnect the PO Receipt information as well as the Serialized Item information. Once I created a PO Receipt XML document that contained my serialized item information as well as the PO Receipt info, everything fell into place and posting and updates to inventory happened as expected.

Ok, so I have my mass import of 13000 items done and never got Integration Manager to import mulitple records for each item on the price list but managed to get that working through access import. Anyway, I am trying to now get integration manager to work using the eConnect functions to create 2 large container orders to cover the incoming products from our sister sites. One will have 1000+ items that are being shipped from the shut down facility. The other a stock order of 500+ items from the factory to make up the difference on what we feel is needed. I have set up the IM using one source and it created 500+ PO entries with no line item data. I have since deleted those and cleaned up the system with checklinks. I am now back working on the dev environment trying to figure this out. I have used the PO sample. I have edited the POP.txt sample with my data. I used all the mappings that it specified. The result is I have the expected 2 purchase orders from the data and no line items on either. Any clue Since it has created the header, can I just use access to append the item info Will SQL figure out the rest

I have a PO in new status which is approved. The report of PO is showing as cancelled. The reason being POP10100 table is updated wrongly with postatus 0. Could you please tell me what would be the reason for this.

We have an application that changes the location for a PO line item from INTERIM to the destination warehouse location. Trouble arose when we started looking at the total on order and received for those items, however. When changing the location for a PO line item, what else should be updated at the same time

The WarrantySummary trigger is expecting values for fields in the trigger for each case that is created. As both commenters mentioned above, they are adding a Product Purchase Date to the case THEY are adding, but what about the child cases that the new CheckSecretInformation trigger is creating

Two solutions:(Easy) Use a time-based workflow(Hard) Have a scheduled Apex job (using Batch Apex) to do a daily check of past events(Medium) Have a time-based workflow update an Event after it passes. Triggers will run on this update

This was asked by Shankar, one of my colleagues in ZSL. He has been struggling with this error and has not yet been successful in even finding the cause. I am briefing the issue below (Original Post Link: -us/ 153554b96e


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