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Myanmar New Song

There were the times when the guest house owner brought out a beautiful ancient typewriter to do his accounting, or when a truck full of whisky got stuck in the mud behind the guest house, and when the whole village turned out for a colorful Burmese wedding party. She also witnessed the changing faces of Indawgyi Lake, from moments of glassy water under bright blue sky, to sudden rain storms and gusting wind whipping its surface. She spent a lot of time traveling across the lake to different villages, watching birds take flight from clusters of lily pads, or visiting the golden-spired Shwe Ming Tsu Buddhist pagoda. She checked in with fishers on the lake to observe their fishing catch, and even watched a video team record a village woman singing a traditional folk song. See if you can spot these events in our new film, and take a minute to immerse yourself in some colorful Myanmar moments!

Myanmar New Song

Today, the CC licences and public domain tools are used on more than 1.6 billion works, from songs to YouTube videos to scientific research. The licences have helped a global movement come together around openness, collaboration and shared human creativity. Once housed within the basement of Stanford Law School, Creative Commons now has a staff working around the world on a host of different projects in various domains. 041b061a72


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