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When eaglets become large and mobile enough they start exploring the nest, jumping from one side to another with little to no effort. The Nest Camera is set to be as inconspicuous as possible. It moves very slowly to avoid any possible disturbance to the eagles and often cannot keep up with their antics. With the new Wide View Camera we will be able to track their activity in high resolution.

Download Giants' Nest Heart Void rar


Jackie had a long visit to the nest yesterday morning...starting off with giving that cute little gray squirrel a shock to his little heart by showing up in the middle of his nest inspection--of course, he filed a formal complaint by chattering up a storm at Jackie as she landed. (in case you missed the live event, we posted a video of it here last night).

Yesterday was another beautiful day at the nest, though a little on the windy side. It is always a great day when Jackie and Shadow pop in for a little nest visit! Shadow came in first with more decor for the nest, he sure worked hard with that one unruly stick that kept popping up when he stepped on it. Apparently he thought he had it under control then BOINK, it popped up again! He worked all around the nest, moving sticks, breaking some apart that wouldn't cooperate all the while keeping an eye out for his sweetheart.By the look on his face, Jackie must have snuck up on him, he looked a little surprised and maybe a bit scared as she came in hot with her own contribution! They both worked together, moving sticks, fluffing fluff and even worked in a couple of kissy kissy moments. Jackie didn't stay long before she headed out the back door to the roost tree. It sure looked like it took all the self control Shadow could muster up to not grab onto her tail feathers as she passed him by!Shadow stayed at the nest to put in a little overtime before he headed out the back to join Jackie for the night.As an extra bonus, this morning the camera operator was up extra early to catch Jackie (?) waking up in the roost tree. Shadow was there as well, we got to see them both fly off for another adventurous day.... 041b061a72


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