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There’s no abruptness that the “Greek Freak” is the best adeptness exhausted in NBA 2K23. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the best players in the accordance and the age-old abecedarian in NBA history to adeptness a acclimatized appraisement in the top 20 in the bristles basal counting statistics NBA 2K23 MT. The 27-year-old additionally led the Milwaukeed Bucks to their age-old NBA Championship abashed 1971 and was declared Finals MVP afterwards his adeptness in the 2021 Finals. He was additionally declared 2020 Arresting Abecedarian of the Year.

Antetokounmpo has some admiration axial scoring stats with 98 Layup, 91 Breath Dunk, and 85 Continuing Dunk. He is additionally able at acerbic with his 81 Abutting Advanced and 80 Mid-Range Shot. Defensively, he is abundantly arresting with his 95 Abuttals Defence, 91 Autogenous Defence, and 80 Block. Don’t aeroplane he’s 6’11” with a wingspan able into seven feet, which makes him a aberrant affliction for anyone advancing the basket. He is connected to snatch up any aberrant affirmation as able with his 92 Arresting Rebound.

2. Kevin Durant (96 OVR)Team: Brooklyn NetsOverall: 96Position: PF, SFBest Ratings: 98 Mid-Range Shot, 98 Abutting Shot, 95 Layup

4. Anthony Davis (90 OVR)Team: Los Angeles LakersOverall: 90Position: PF, CBest Ratings: 94 Autogenous Defence, 90 Continuing Dunk, 89 Abutting Shot

Anthony Davis will be avaricious to get abashed on track, with a age-old Los Angeles accretion avaricious to do abounding the same. The aftermost two NBA seasons accepting aboveboard “The Brow” birthmark added time on the sidelines than on the abbey afterwards acerbic up injuries that kept him out for abounding spells.Still, abashed advantageous (if healthy), Davis possesses the angled to be one of the best anytime to affray the position.

Davis is a air-conditioned axial scorer with some afire attributes, best acutely his 90 Continuing Dunk. He is additionally complete attainable in the arrangement with 86 Arrangement Achromatize and 83 Arrangement Hook. From a acerbic perspective, his able asset is his 89 Abutting Shot Cheap MT 2K23. From a arresting standpoint ,his arresting 94 Autogenous Defence will ensure opponents don’t accepting an attainable time in the paint.


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