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Dakar and her entire 69-man crew were lost en route to Israel on 25 January 1968. Despite extensive searches over the course of three decades, its wreckage was not found until 1999, when it was located between the islands of Cyprus and Crete at a depth of approximately 3,000 m (9,800 ft). The submarine's conning tower was salvaged and is on display outside the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum in Haifa.

On 26 January the British Admiralty reported the submarine was missing and gave the last known position as 100 miles (160 km) west of Cyprus. An international search and rescue operation began, including units from Israel, the United States, Greece, Turkey, Britain and Lebanon. Although the Israeli Navy in Haifa began broadcasting calls to commercial vessels to be on the look out for Dakar, Israeli officials would not admit the submarine was missing.

On 27 January, a radio station in Nicosia, Cyprus received a distress call on the frequency of Dakar's emergency buoy, apparently from south-east of Cyprus, but no further traces of the submarine were found. On 31 January, all non-Israeli forces abandoned their search at sunset. Israeli forces continued the search for another four days, ceasing at sundown on 4 February 1968.

During the 1980s the Israelis, using a salvage vessel with Egyptian liaison officers, conducted three searches for Dakar in waters north of Sinai and another search off the Greek island of Rhodes. In August 1986, the U.S. Navy committed a P-3 Orion and an S-3 Viking to search Egyptian waters near al-Arish. In October 1998, Israel began running advertisements in newspapers in Turkey, Egypt, France, Greece and Russia, offering rewards of up to $300,000 for any information on the fate of Dakar.

In 2008, a film was released, entitled Full Circle, a documentary about the search for the wreckage. In May 2009, a book was published by Nauticos president David W. Jourdan entitled, Never Forgotten: The Search and Discovery of Israel's Lost Submarine Dakar. This book chronicles the history of the submarine, the story of the families of the 69 lost sailors, and the events leading to the discovery in 1999.[1]

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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used to detect antibodies to yellow fever virus in 110 sera from patients living in an epidemic yellow fever area. The results were then compared with those obtained with the hemagglutination-inhibition (HI), complement-fixation (CF), neutralization (NT), and indirect immunofluorescence (IFA) tests. This ELISA, which used a type-specific antigen, showed the same results as the NT test and was found to be more sensitive and more specific than the HI and CF tests.

On the main Google Scholar page, click the small arrow in the search box to use the Advanced Search. For example, you can limit by year to eliminate articles published before the case you're researching occured.

These findings are consistent with the limited peer-reviewed evidence on infanticide in Senegal that has similarly identified socio-cultural factors such as societal stigma, familial pressure, and the social and political isolation of women as primary motivators of infanticide.10,11 Even decades ago, caregivers reported resorting to infanticide in the face of pressure to conform to strict societal and religious scripts for acceptable pregnancy and parenting.11 In an analysis of female psychiatric patients convicted of infanticide, infanticide was seen as their only remaining defence mechanism against debilitating societal exclusion, a fate that many likened to death.11 While infanticide had been viewed as something performed only by vulnerable young women in isolated rural areas, research from Senegal in the late 1980s found instead that infanticide was practiced much more widely across social strata, as the same social pressures likely to make a birth unwanted affected women of all backgrounds.10

Of central importance, the findings presented here provide evidence for the hypothesis that infanticide occurs in Senegal as a direct result of policies related to the legal status and criminalisation of abortion. The opinions shared by interviewees align with those stated by others in the media, in the legal field, and in public health.28,31,35 Individual stories of women who wanted abortion but could not obtain one and went on to consider infanticide as their only option make explicit the impact of policy on the lives of women and their families in Senegal. As part of a larger portfolio of research, the data presented in this study can and will be used by the Taskforce on Safe Abortion to communicate to legislators the urgency and gravity of the need to address abortion policy in Senegal. In recent years, the Taskforce has increased outreach efforts to other countries in the region to share strategies and lessons learned in advocating for policy change, and is seeking new ways of leveraging continent-wide initiatives, such as the Maputo Protocol,36 to strengthen their efforts to liberalise abortion law.

The strengths of this study, however, include the mixed-methods nature of the design, which allowed for the generation of preliminary, quantitative statistics on knowledge of infanticide in Senegal, and also more nuanced qualitative data on the context in which it occurs, and the ways in which it is understood by the population. Further, the probability sample used for the quantitative sample increases the representativeness of the quantitative findings and the generalisability of the results. Findings from this study can inform future studies of infanticide in Senegal, and offer a contribution to a little understood, but crucially important aspect of the link between sexual and reproductive health policy and infanticide.

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