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DiskGenius Professional 4.9.6

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Backup & Restore is for securing enterprise files. Users can make a system image backup for the current OS. It only takes a few steps to secure the current operating system of any systems. This functionality from the software features OS and system related partition backup, quick and safe OS restoration, full and incremental backup options, BIOS and UEFI Compatibility, WinPE Media Builder and compatibility with Windows 10. Backup & Restore is also connected with Partition Backup for protecting files. Users can backup files with Image Partition, Clone existing Image Partition and Browse image files. The software can backup on external devices. They are allowed to do Clone Disk, create Image Hard Drive and have MBR & GPT Disk Backup files. It can accommodate up to 16TB and non-512 byte drives. The software has an intuitive backup system so that anyone can use it for the personal and professional level.

The software is fast, user friendly, easy to use and effortless. A user can easily back-up his or her computer in just few clicks and dragged and drop the folder in the backup folder. Backed up data are saved by default in hidden folder. This simplifies the storage, transfer and restore of data. A user can easily restore the data of his or her computer in few clicks. A user can easily back-up all the windows files, folders and application setting files to restore the corrupted data. SGP Software Backup & Restore Software has an automatic file backup and complete backup. The program has an interface option that can backup all the to external hard drive to back-up the data or use any backup tool. It is compatible with 16disk drives. It has file size limit for the transfer from 512KB to 5GB.

DiskGenius Professional is an innovative Disk/Partition utility. It can easily and automatically backup drives and partitions. It can also repair damaged partition table and lost partitions. The key feature is that it can split one partition/drive into multiple partition/drives. DiskGenius Professional cracks the OS/System and partitions are protected with proper password. DiskGenius Professional 4.9.6 Serial Key Features: d2c66b5586


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