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Indian Economy By Mishra And Puri Pdf Download !FREE!

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hey man great post. could you please review madhur mahajan- indian economy for upsc That seems to be missing from your list Useful Books to study Economics.i want to pick the best book so that i can reread/read between the lines to understand concepts and write analytical and logical answers.i want a book which is comprehensive,logical, lucid, unlike sriramias (which i also read partly) which is comprehensive but seems to be copy/paste.this book seems to fullfill all conditions and had glowing reviewers(blurb) from toppers and is definitely better than ramesh singh. could you do a comparative review of this book with other books thanks in advance.great work on this notes.

The Indian economy has been a regular source of growth, though slowed in the last few years, but the workforce has not benefited from it. The average age of people in the workforce is almost 48 years - about 6 years older than it was in 1999-2000. In the US, the average age of the workforce is just over 30 years. 3d9ccd7d82


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