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Futon Bunk Bed HOT!

With hundreds of bunk beds and loft beds to choose from, we'll certainly help you find exactly what you need! All our bunk beds meet & even exceed federal requirements for maximum safety. We have bunk beds for kids and bunk beds for adults, and the same goes for our lofts beds as well. So no matter what the situation, you don't have to sacrifice comfort to save valuable space in your home! Bunk beds and loft beds are practical solutions that allow two people to share the same horizontal sleep space, and loft beds, which are simply bunk beds with the lower bunk bed replaced by a desk area, to save valuable space for any adult or kids bedroom.

Futon Bunk Bed

The most common type is the standard bunk bed (twin over twin) that has same-sized mattresses stacked one over the other. A twin over full size bunk bed is the same except that the bottom mattress will be a full size while the upper is a twin size. In addition, a futon bunk bed is the same way except the lower bunk is a futon sofa/couch that converts into a full size bed! Again, a loft bed is the same except the lower bed is replaced by a desk or work area which can also be used as a recreational area for your kids. In the end, no matter what kind of bunk beds or loft beds you're looking for, you can be sure you'll find one for your taste and budget since we have hundreds of options for you to choose from!

Futonland carries sleeping solutions for all rooms and lifestyles. We offer traditional platform beds and modern upholstered beds for your bedroom, futon bunk, and loft beds for your kids, daybeds, and folding beds for occasional guest sleepovers. Our newest addition to this line is the best-selling murphy beds, cabinet beds, and wall beds. These convertible beds allow you to have a great night's sleep while saving space during the day. Cabinet murphy beds look like a chest when closed, but store up to a queen size bed inside.

The Cinnamon Futon Bunk is a most remarkable and versatile space saver. With a twin bed above and a full size futon below you have instant sleep-overs with a quick conversion of the bottom futon. Leave it up as a sofa for lounging, reading, playing and general creative day dreaming.

Night & Day Furniture is the fastest growing futon seller in America. Why...? As you browse this site you will discover that our products are the easiest to assemble and the simplest to operate. You will find that we have a broad range of stylish and well-made futon and bedroom collections. Browse our collections and you'll see the tried and true... and the pleasingly new. But where did it all start?

Our futon operating system is quick to assemble and easy to operate. Components are made of 100% natural rubber. We don't call our futons convertible sofa sleepers, or casual sleepers, or sofa bed convertibles. We just call them futons; 'cause that's what they are and we're proud of 'em. Today in addition to futon frames we have a complete collection of Bedroom Furniture, and we are still growing.

Bunkbeds can be constructed from wood, metal, or a combination of both. They are normally supported by four poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed, a ladder and guard railing. Because of the need for a ladder and the height of the bed, the top bunk is a safety concern for younger children under six years of age. The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM F142792) has created a standard that requires that all spaces between the guardrail and bed frame and all spaces in the head and foot boards on the top bunk be less than 3 1/2 inches. The standard also requires that bunk beds have guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. There are different styles of bunk beds, including the most common type, the standard bunk bed, which has two same size mattresses stacked one directly over the other.

A twin over full bunk bed is another type arranged as a standard except that the bottom mattress is a full size and the upper is a twin size. A common type of twin over full bunkbed is a futon bunk bed. Futon bunk beds are arranged like standard bunks with a twin size on top, however, the bottom bunk is a western style futon sofa bed, that can convert from a couch to a bed. Futon bunks are a great space saving piece of furniture can be used to save space in small apartments or rooms, because the lower bed converts to a couch for use during the daytime.

The bunk bed has become an essential piece of furniture for rooms where more than one child sleeps or in college dorm rooms. When looking to purchase a bunk bed there are a few items to consider that will help narrow down or at least save you time when hunting for the right one for you.

First is identifying the style of bunk bed you want. The main types include a twin over twin, a twin over full, a futon bunk, or a loft bed. Some twin over twin and futon bunk beds separate into two standard beds. This versatility is advantageous as your children age and may want their own room, or may no longer want to sleep on a bunk bed. Take the top portion off and presto, you now have two separate beds. Along the lines of versatility, you will want to find out if the bunk bed you are interested in purchasing has optional pieces such as storage drawers or a trundle.

The main concern with bunk beds is safety. You want something sturdy with reinforced posts, a ladder and guard rails. Ideally you want a ladder that is permanently attached to the frame and does not move. There are types that are angled out from the frame making it easier to climb up and down from the top bunk. Reinforced posts for two piece bunk beds are essential. An example of supportive bunk beds that have been designed with safety in mind are those made by night and day furniture. They offer a wide range of frames from the standard twin over twin bunk beds to twin over full futon bunk beds to loft beds.

The Fontana twin futon metal bunk bed combines style and function to create a contemporary atmosphere to any kid or teens bedroom. The unit features a twin upper bed stacked over a futon base. This metal futon bunk is constructed from heavy-gauge metal and tubing for quality durability and safety. Featuring safety rails, ladder, and welded metal slat support system for mattress support.

Bring home this Eclipse twin over full-futon bunk bed to let your kids enjoy personal space without compromising on style. The convertible futon feature allows to switch from a sit to sleep position by simply lifting the light weight of the seat; a quick and easy transformation into a ready to use bed. Superior quality metal for durability, built-in side ladders for easy access, and full length guard rails for safety. Choose from a variety of colors, makes it compatible with all types of decor settings. Mattress and Futon Pillow Not Included.CP0305

Children behind the futon or in the ladder area of the bunk bed can get entrapped when the futon and its metal frame are lowered from the seated to the flat position. This is what happened to a three-year old Burlington, Iowa boy who died when he became entrapped at the head and neck in the recalled bunk bed in March of 2010. The weight of the futon's metal frame prevented the child from breathing and escaping. CPR was administered, but the child died at the hospital due to compression asphyxiation.

The bunk beds have an additional hazard. The space between the last rung on the bunk bed's ladder and the futon mattress is too small, which can allow a child's body to pass through, but not the head, posing a head and neck entrapment hazard.

The recall involves metal futon bunk beds with model number BFB1008 located on a label on the upper bunk support rail. The recalled metal futon bunk beds were sold exclusively by Big Lots stores nationwide from January 2009 through April 2010 for about $200. They were sold unassembled, and were manufactured in China.

The Austin futon bunk bed is constructed from top quality metal and is finished in black. This metal futon bunk is designed to be extremely durable and functional, and should enhance any student's room. The visible framework is finished in black with wood panel inserts to create an authentic throwback atmosphere. The lofted bed features safety rails on all sides, futon bed below, metal to metal connection for strength and durability, and under bed slat support system. A vertical ladder provides easy access to upper bunk.

The Cinnamon Futon Bunk Bed by Night & Day is a most remarkable and versatile space saver. With a twin bed above and a full size futon below, you can make space for instant sleepovers with a quick conversion of the bottom futon. Leave it up as a sofa for lounging, reading, playing and general creative day dreaming.

The Cinnamon Futon Bunk Bed is stylish and super versatile. Made of solid Malaysian rubberwood, you can count on its top-notch construction to last for many years. Use the bottom space to serve as a full size futon seating area or easily convert into a full size sleep surface for overnight guests.

All bunk beds come with a limited 3 year warranty. Night and Day Furniture warrants the consumer, who makes the original purchase of Night and Day Furniture products. Moreover, a limited warranty against defects in the material or workmanship of furniture components. Furthermore, Night and Day Furniture will repair or replace any piece of furniture, which is defective in material or workmanship. In conclusion, defects defined as meaning imperfections in components, which substantially impair the usability of the product.

Based out of Vancouver, Washington, Night & Day Furniture believes smartly designed furniture is second to none. The brand has become one of the largest platform bed and futon manufacturers in the world. Their innovative product line-up includes affordable dual purpose furniture for the home.

This is what happened to the young Iowa boy, who died when his head and neck became entrapped in the bed in March of 2010. The weight of the futon's metal frame prevented the child from breathing and escaping. CPR was administered, but the child died at the hospital due to compression asphyxiation. 041b061a72


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