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Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 Serial Crack ~UPD~

Flash Builder 4.6 has been removed from the website. I still have an active serial but since I downloaded it at the time without a purchase (free upgrade) I have no disk nor any way to reinstall it ona new computer. Can anyone help me find a way to download flash builder 4.6 (4.7 won't work). Perhaps someone who purchased it independently and can review their orders and download it? Then I can use the cloud or something to get it from you? I have a serial- just need the actual program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

adobe flash builder 4.6 serial crack

I am seeing exactly the same issue. I have "FlashBuilder 4.6 Standard Edition" installed on my computer and have been using it for over two years. I purchased the upgrade to "4.7 Standard Edition" but it will not let me install. I enter the serial number associated with the upgrade I purchased on 7/23/14. I then receive a message saying "Serial Number you provided is valid, but a qualifying product could not be found on this computer." I am given a way to select the qualifying product I already own so I use the drop down menu to select "Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard" and enter the serial number that I get from my adobe account's "order history" page. My order history shows "Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Standard Edition US$249.00 Full, Mac/Win, English, Download" and a serial number. I enter that serial number and get a message saying "That serial number is not for a qualifying product. Please try another". It seems like this should just work. 350c69d7ab


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