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Business Mathematics: A Comprehensive Guide by Mirza and Mirza

adrian zoli has been teaching business mathematics for the past 12 years. adrian has been fortunate to have worked in some of the most competitive schools in the united states, including miami-dade county public schools, virginia public schools, and maryland public schools. adrian is passionate about teaching math to a wide range of students, including students with learning difficulties, who have been left out of the math curriculum in the past. he is also passionate about exposing students to other perspectives in math and making it fun for them. he is a multiple math olympiad national finalist and a united states mathematics olympiad participant. adrian has also won the distinguished teacher award from the math league of america for the past seven years.

Key Book Of Business Mathematics By Mirza And Mirza

seth vian is an enthusiastic teacher of the business math curriculum. he has a strong background in engineering and he is a passionate mathematics instructor. his expertise is in helping students transition from their learning experience in class to their real world experience. he has worked in business and marketing, and he also has experience teaching high school and college students. he has held teaching positions at nmsu and is currently a part-time instructor at northern nevada community college.

aaron s. has been teaching business mathematics for the past 13 years. aaron has a b.s. in mathematics and a m.a. in teaching mathematics. aaron has a strong background in high school and college teaching and has had the privilege of working with students with learning disabilities in middle school. he has taught business mathematics in both a traditional and online format.


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