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Glass Masquerade - activation code for a set of puzzles for Halloween

If you already have a code for the Halloween Event, then you can either login to your Dead by Daylight Account or visit Steampowered Support section and use the part of this activation code: R26YGFZ30SLVC0YGIKXWIKD7(Please don't use the numbers that come after the Glass Masquerade's code - they are random)Dead by Daylight Halloween Puzzle Pack Instructions Go to Dead by Daylight page Unzip the downloaded file into your downloads folderDownload Glass MasqueradeRun the Glass Masquerade game (it should appear in Steam )Activate the gamePlay the gameUninstall the gameGo back to Dead by Daylight page to download the update

Glass Masquerade - Halloween Puzzle Pack Activation Code

Hosted by:Erich Schlegel (Germany)The game is created by:Deep Field EntertainmentGameplay Design:Aratano &Do you want to Know more about this game? You can find the whole information on Glass Masquerade press page and on Youtube: Glass Masquerade

Graphics:The game is playable on iOS, Android, PC and PS4 platforms with Controller Support. It will also be available in the PS VR headset as well as in the Google Chrome Browser.The Graphics are powered by the Open Broadcaster Software.The Audio is provided by: Audacity version 2.1.2. The Online Multiplayer is powered by Parsec 2.3.0.In Glass Masquerade you can play with a friend.


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