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the internet archive is a nonprofit educational and cultural organization founded in 1996 with the mission to make the world's cultural materials accessible online. the archives are a non-commercial effort: they are free to use, and all copies of their materials are free to make and provide access to. the internet archive stores all of the digital materials it receives in the internet archive wayback machine and keeps them all in a new generation of storage created to survive for decades into the future. it is the largest single archive in the world, and is trusted by governments, companies, and individuals as the place to find high quality content for their research.


if you are a fan of dark souls, then you probably wanted some high-resolution souls tile set. the best way to get a high-resolution version of the tileset is to make one yourself, using the guidelines in this guide. in doing so, you are providing the creators with the funding they need to keep producing game content, and you are helping to ensure it remains available. do not use the 'download' button below, it will not generate a high-resolution copy of the tileset.

gt station is a free online service for managing your gt accounts and content. you can use this to add and manage your save files. gt station does not store or upload any save files, you need to download them from the social networks or elsewhere first.

a british site to help people understand and criticise the politics of the british broadcasting corporation. the site has many articles which explain and support the various arguments on why a network exists.


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