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Sun Epi 02 _HOT_

This is an episode list for the American television sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, which ran from January 9, 1996 until May 22, 2001. During the course of the series, 139 episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun aired over six seasons.

Sun Epi 02

We know that Pompeo is stepping back from a series regular role and that she won't be disappearing from the show altogether. Meredith Grey's story is a semicolon rather than a period, and that's fine, but we should've had ... more.

In many ways, the series has spent the past couple of seasons preparing us for Mer's departure when it felt like she disappeared from her own show because of jobs across the country or COVID dreamscapes.

But it was more of a reason why this hour should've been something special and distinguished itself from any other installment, even if it meant pulling back on some of the run-of-the-mill side plots and character moments.

Outside of a toast, where Bailey showed up for her only scene of the hour and got choked up, and Mer's closing voiceover, there was very little indication that this would be the end of Meredith for a while.

Bailey: Once upon a time, you were the bane of my existence, but you grew up to be one of my points of pride. Webber: What Dr. Bailey is trying to say is that this place won't be the same without you.

We were supposed to see where Meredith has grown, but when she picked a fight with Nick because he didn't say "I love you" back when she wanted him to, and she distanced herself and failed to communicate, it felt like the same old behavior that 20-something year-old Mer would've done.

The entire time, they treated Nick as if he was the one who was unreasonable or at fault when Mer was incredibly immature for not communicating with him about the move and all of it after she practically begged him to relocate to Seattle to work for the hospital.

And after all of that, Nick had to hear from Mer-obsessor Helm that he was an idiot for letting her go. It was some amusing commentary, especially when she lamented that Mer "for some reason" liked men, so Helm never stood a chance.

But then, it turned into a Hallmark movie that went wrong. We had Nick running out of the bar and racing to the airport to profess his love for Mer and perhaps follow to another state again because Mer is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Ocean, and the prize.

But in a moment that presumably was supposed to be empowering or something -- Mer pretended like she couldn't hear what he said over the phone and dismissed him with a generic statement about reaching out to him once they got settled.

One of Mer's strongest scenes of the hour was the time she spent having a heart-to-heart with Simone. They've had great chemistry since Simone's introduction, and every time they share the screen, it feels like a passing of the torch.

It's even better now that they'll be living together in the Grey home, coming full circle. The Grey House is now the Intern House 2.0, and that was arguably the most exciting thing about this installment.

Mika was amusing, and she and Helm got along well. We have yet to see Helm incorporated into the season as much. Even though she's no longer a doctor, she's still good and knows her stuff. And she and Mika hit it off nicely. Is there a possible relationship on the horizon for them?

Amelia's shining moment was when she sat down with the parents of the baby who needed the partial transplant and explained her experience with Christopher and how she'd give anything to have a shot at saving him the way they did for their kid.

I don't know how these two can head toward mending fences when they're this fraught. Maggie loves Winston as a surgeon, but she strips him down to bits as a man and her husband, and there's only so much he can take.

Octavia is not innocent of course, and it would do a disservice to the complexity of the character to try to brush over her many sins. But on a show like The 100 where almost everyone is in some way guilty, blame and responsibility are flexible concepts. History is, as they say, defined by those who live to tell it.

Right now, Abby and Octavia are locked in a revisionist battle: Abby believes that Octavia is a monster. She also believes that she herself is a monster, but the big difference, to her, is that she can now claim the high ground by virtue of regretting her actions and choices.

Octavia also believes that they are both monsters, but she also firmly believes that she was forced to transform into this monster by other people and circumstances outside her control. (You might say it was her only choice.)

When Abby stands by and lets Wonkru almost kill Octavia (much like Octavia stood by and let Kane choke last week), I wonder if she might be driven by a similar temptation to twist reality to make her own trauma and guilt easier to deal with: to let Octavia be the singular evil thing that drove them all to extreme action.

Of course, this is not an actual solution. (And if it was, it would still be horrible.) And the real Abby, even if it might be tempting to stand back and let reality warp around her, would never actually follow through on it.

Abby has good and bad sides like everyone else. What makes her admirable is that her good side usually wins. Even here: a lesser person would let the mob bring Octavia down and wash their hands of it, but Abby is the one who steps in and acts like the adult she is.

Although their symptoms are all different, the common denominator is a repressed impulse to go after the person they, in their heart of hearts, hold responsible for causing the most damage to themselves and the people they love.

Similarly, the psychosis turns Emori against Murphy because, despite how she has clearly tried very hard to sweep their fraught history under the rug and focus on the love she has for him, she still feels all of that anger and abandonment he put her through on the ring. She attacks Murphy and calls him a danger to her and others because those are the feelings that dance at the edge of her consciousness and which she has probably spent a lot of energy trying to repress.

We know this hurt Clarke, but it must have hurt Bellamy just as much, and make him feel just as conflicted, especially considering the effort he is making now to forgive her for choosing Madi over him (while most of his new family continue to punish her for it).

Bonanza is a top-rated Western television series created by Hollywood producer and screenwriter David Dortort. The program aired on NBC for 14 years, featuring a fictional family, the wealthy Cartwright family, who operated a made-up Ponderosa Ranch.

An Indian war impends unless the Cartwrights can get to the bottom of this. They talk to Harris only to discover that he is too stunned to identify anyone. The only individual who knows Burdette is guilty is a saloon woman named Glory Delacie. Unfortunately, Glory got kidnapped. They decided to track Burdette, Thorne, and their captives to the desert, where a gunfight bursts out. Burdette, who never approved of the killing, rejects to return fire.

Bonanza is a fantastic clean show to watch by yourself or with family. Death on Sun Mountain is the 02 episode out of 430. Bonanza was produced by NBC and ran on their network from September of 1959 to January of 1973. The whole series lasted 14 seasons.

Moss chats with Andrew Windsor who has just taken over as Winemaker and Proprietor at Maverick Estate Winery having moved from Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery and he discusses his history in the wine industry and the direction of the wine program going forward.

Moss takes an in-depth look into Syrah, clarifying the complexity of this grape as both the traditional old-world Syrah and the new-world Shiraz and the characteristics to expect when enjoying this varietal.

On February 18, Leon Bridges and rock band Khruangbin release the EP Texas Moon, their second homage to the state both musical acts call home. Pooneh Ghana/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

Mark Speer: I think it comes from all the different peoples that have called Texas home over the past millennia. From the "discovery" of the "New World" by Columbus until now, we've been with at least six different flags flying over [Texas]. And prior to that, you had a lot of Native American tribes and they have their own styles of music that have been echoing through what we do since then.

M.S.: I think it was just that we really love Leon. We love hanging out with Leon, and we were on the road with him for a good while a couple of years back. And that's really where we connected with him. [It] was just wanting to explore working with a vocalist and trying a new sound and a new instrument in the mix. It sometimes can be a challenge, as a guitar player who's used to playing the lead melody, to step aside and support Leon and make the song work, because that's really the point.

L.B.: I wanted to write this song from my father's perspective and his final moments with my grandmother as she was transitioning to the other side. I wanted to carry on her legacy in that tune. And, you know, being from Texas, I personally gravitate towards kind of slow and deep R&B music. If you told me to sit down with the guitar and write a fast song, I'd have a hard time doing that.

L.B.: I never sang in church, but I got to a certain point in my life where I had a spiritual awakening, and I was focused on the path of serving God. And around that same time, I fell in love with guitar and writing, and I just was kind of thinking, "Damn, the landscape of gospel music is kind of corny." So I wanted to write my own taste for gospel music. I remember sitting down with a homie and I was like, "Can you write down a list of some progressive R&B artists?" And he wrote down Frank Ocean and Miguel on that, and I went down the rabbit [hole] of their music. That definitely shaped me in a way.

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