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Skyrim Update 1.9 Razor1911

Version was released to all Steam users on 30 March 2012. Same release notes as Beta Some interesting files were found accompanying this update, relating to future add-ons. The files are listed below.[13]

Skyrim update 1.9 razor1911

Note: As we recently said in the latest Bethesda Podcast, the latest Creation Kit update resolves reported issues with navmeshing. Recently we've discovered a change made to 1.5's executable for support of the navmesh fix caused CTDs for users loading mods. As a result, we've removed the executable change in this beta update.

Version was released on 5 February 2012 (released for consoles on 9 February 2012). This is the same version as the third beta build. Those that were participating in the beta when this build was released would not have to download the update when it was officially released.[16]

Version was released via Steam for the PC on 20 December 2011. This update was labeled as the "4GB Tuning" update that makes Skyrim large address aware (i.e. able to access up to 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB).[18]


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