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Woollyfox is a small Ukrainian creative handmade workshop specializing in unique handmade products. It was founded by a mom Elena and her two daughters - Yulia and Natalie. The story of our workshop started in 2016 as a hobby, but the passion for handmade creativity ignited a fire in us and today we can't imagine our life without our workshop.

woodland baby play gym

We firmly believe in the power of perseverance and remain dedicated to our craft. With unwavering determination, we put our soul into each and every one of our creations. Our goal is to bring joy and beauty to the lives of our customers through our meticulously handcrafted products.

Join us on this journey as we comprehend the art of handmade. Let us overcome any obstacles together and continue to work towards our common goal. We believe in our triumph and will continue to create with passion and unwavering commitment.


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